SUPPLIER is a streetwear brand from Japan, as well as a concept store that provides timeless street culture from around the world. SUPPLIER was founded by four young people in Kobe, Japan in 2017 as an online platform where you could find the latest street style proposed by different communities around the world. 

SUPPLIER is a new streetwear brand from Japan that shares and creates the latest counterculture from around the world, and has NINKYO as its brand concept. NINKYO refers to the way of life that originated from ancient Chinese heroes and the heroes who emerged from the common people of the Edo period in Japan. We value the beauty of dedicating one's time, effort, body, and life to a purpose or to others, and value duty and humanity. In this world, there are always two parties: the giver and the recipient, and in the truest sense, ``giving'' is what NINKYO is and SUPPLIER's mission in youth culture.